Be Well branding

Identity design for the Be Well campaign, for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. "Be Well" became a Covid-19 buzzword, and so for the social marketing logo, I created a positive, youthful, hand-drawn logo to inform and inspire. Pursuing "wellness" is an imperfect activity, so the development of human-centric design was important. While not everyone can achieve wellness, the will to try is worth the effort, especially during a pandemic. The mark has been used across social media graphics, posters, animated adverts, and conference calls (Zoom meetings). Versions of the logo were created for non-English language speakers residing in the county, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Farsi. 

Be Well standardized logo.


Be Well campaign color palette.


Be Well logo in local non-English languages.


Zoom backgrounds for county staff members.


Be Well campaign social media graphics.


early sketches.