Be Well campaign branding and design

Identity design for the Be Well campaign, as well as social and other media design for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. Using custom-drawn typography, the “Be Well” campaign logo was developed to project a friendly, positive, and energetic spirit, while acknowledging the unpolished nature of the human pursuit of wellness. The mark is used across all ACHCSA media on the subject of Covid: social media avatars, messaging, and graphics; Bart station and train car posters; Alameda County bus wraps and posters; animated adverts for TV and social media; Zoom meetings; and live social media events. Primary logo versions were created in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Logo variations were also created in Korean, Arabic, and Farsi. Art direction: Gestalt Graphics; Project Manager: Ugolini Consulting.



"Be Well" English logo.

"Cuidese Mucho" (Be Well) Spanish logo. 

(Be Well)  logo in Mandarin. 

"Be Well" Arabic logo. 

"Be Well" Korean logo. 

"Be Well" Farsi logo. 


social media graphics

Illustrations here by Sendy Santamaria.


transit posters — BART / Alameda County Transit / Tri-Valley Transit

Illustrations here by Sendy Santamaria.


early logo sketches