Expressive lettering and practical typography.

Neon sign design for local bar-record store Turn! Turn! Turn! More here.

Custom lettering: Auf wiedersehen | goodbye (in German). Part of my hello/goodbye foreign languages series. See the whole piece here.

Be Well campaign logo for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. More here.

Logo and branding for PDX Neon, an advocacy group fighting for protection of vintage neon signs across Portland, Ore. More here.

"Oakland" all caps brush lettering. This was a style test for the Alameda County map. (We went with a script instead of Roman casual caps.)

Logo design for Teresa Laughlin, Portland-based healing artist. More here.

Logo design for Begin Labs, an independent startup incubator-accelerator. More  here.

Brush lettered city names for a map of Alameda County, for the Center for Healthy Schools and Communities. More here.

Parisian gravure style capital "S." A neon GIF exploration. See more GIFs here.

Custom lettering for apparel: Au revoir | goodbye (French). Part of my hello/goodbye foreign languages series. More here, and one left in my shop. More sizes available on-demand at Cotton Bureau.

Logo design for the Neon Speaks Festival & Symposium. This is the 1-color version for print, email signature, and other simple uses. More here.

Poster and map design, for the Neon Map + Poster of Portland, a self-published keepsake souvenir. More here. Buy one here.

Album design for Baba Commandant's "Juguya" on Sublime Frequencies. More here.

"Kansas" jersey numerals, one of 15 different typefaces I redesigned for Nike jerseys. More here.

Infographic design for Scout Story Lab and their client, Aflac, a supplemental health insurance company with a specialty program developed for children with cancer. See this and more infographics work here.

Infographic design for Life Flight Network. See this and more infographics work here.

Custom lettering in Italian on a poster for Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" (1960), part of a series. More here.

Poster design for the Sublime Frequencies 15th Anniversary party in Paris, a limited edition silkscreened print. More here.

Neon sign design: Tu Es Gentil. More  here.

Hello. Part of my hello/goodbye language series. See more GIFs here.

Logo design for Ballard Space, a property management company, leasing office and retail spaces in historic buildings. More here.

Custom lettering for retail signage, client: Hive FX. More here.

Festival program design for Neon Speaks 2019. More here.

Interior spreads from the festival program for Neon Speaks 2019. More here.

Powerpoint presentation design for the Electric Letterland presentation at the Neon Speaks festival. See this and more presentation designs here.

Powerpoint slide design, with infographic that depicts the basic structure of Moochalada, a non-profit dedicated to finding out what American kindness is while raising money for charities across the country. See this and more infographics work here.

Cover design for Oregon Community Foundation's orientation guide. See more print design here.

Sample page from Oregon Community Foundation's orientation guide. See more print design here.

Brand guidelines booklet design for Begin Labs, an independent startup incubator-accelerator. I was also responsible for developing the brand identity system itself, see my branding work for Begin Labs here

Spread from the brand guidelines booklet design for Begin Labs, an independent startup incubator-accelerator. I was also responsible for developing the brand identity system itself, see my branding work for Begin Labs here



What I offer

Typographic Branding

Get noticed and grow your audience with a lively, custom-crafted typographic identity. I develop impactful typographic logos that liberate your brand's unique expression, help you stand out in your field, connect to new audiences, and address what your audience cares about.

Polished Reports and Documents

Get your audience to take your work seriously with clean, professional looking reports and publications. I distill large amounts of text, data, and images into concise pages that are easy on the eyes and fun to read; allow readers to focus on the content; and eliminate confusion and boredom. I make great presentations in Keynote and Powerpoint too.

Neon Sign Design

Nothing matches neon’s beauty and longevity, and choosing neon shows that you’re serious about your business and respect your neighbors. Get attention and get people in the door with letters that exude life, character, and beauty.



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