PDX Neon branding

PDX Neon is an advocacy group dedicated to protecting endangered vintage neon signs across the city of Portland, Oregon. An all-volunteer effort, this group needed to get through to people in Portland — sign owners, legislators, neon industry types — in order to spread the word about the irreplaceable beauty that is the city's neon sign collection. The logo reflects two typographic styles that appear signs in Portland: cowboy capitals (PDX) and an optimistic script evoking 1950s American innocence, placed within what could be considered a soft cloud of ice-cream, or a more pragmatic fried-egg shape. Because your breakfast is ready, Portland — wake up and save your neon signs before they disappear forever. 

PDX Neon neonized logo

1-color version of the logo.

PDX Neon brand color palette.


early sketches.