Luna Technologies cannabis extraction iconography

I worked with Luna Technologies to develop and design a complex explainer infographic, illustrating a multi-step process for cannabis extraction, which necessitated developing a system of iconography for each component, product, and step in the process. See more about the Luna Tech project here.

Scrubs company iconography

In collaboration with the creative director of a confidential scrubs company, I was tasked with developing a system of icons to use on packaging, products, and branding. The concept was built around the busy lifestyle of a health care practitioner and the necessary objects, tools, and helpful daily accessories to the profession.


Bgin Online blog illustrations

Bgin Online is a company that creates targeted web ads for real estate agents. For the blog section of their website, I developed a series of original illustrations on the subject of real estate agent branding, marketing, digital marketing, advertising, networking, strategies, sales, follow-ups, social media, direct mail, online ads, closing deals, and more.