Why hire a letterer?

With so many great fonts out there, why might you need help from a lettering artist?

The answer is customization.

Yes the world of fonts is exploding, and type is an essential tool. 

But fonts cannot do everything.

Lettering is a powerful tool when you need warmth, uniqueness, dynamic energy, or a human touch. Custom lettering is designed strategically, thematically, and with coherence. 

Logotypes are an excellent place for utilizing lettering. Brands are stronger with an original mark, so a custom drawn logo can be easily trademarked and will garner the recognition your brand is after. 

Print media often calls for specialty lettering too. Combining text with illustrative elements or photography for a poster or book cover, for example, takes a good letterer to arrange all these elements in a skillful and beautiful way. 

You can really boost your visual impact with help from a skilled letterer in these areas:

- branding
- editorial
- social campaigns
- events
- products
- publishing

You can see my lettering work here.

Questions? I’m happy to talk about the ins and outs of lettering if anything needs clarification. Get in touch!