Instarank logo

Instarank is a company that creates Instagram ads for real estate agents. In collaboration with Marketing Director Stacey Katlain, I took the bare bones of a logo, and modified it for clarity, structure, and proper spacing, balance, strength, and readability.The letterforms needed to be redrawn a bit (I love doing this!) and I also designed the logo's icon. Below are some images showing how the wordmark was modified.

The original logo was a straight use of the typeface Cosmoball, a friendly, loose, fun, heavy, connected brush script that has a pretty solid structure. 

However for use as a logo, once the typeface is set in a particular word, it takes on a form that needs tweaking. Using a wordmark as a logo requires the utmost legibility at any size or application, as well as possibly some stylistic enhancements to support the concept of the brand.

The spacing and rhythm of the letters needed to be evened out. Some of the ascenders needed to be clarified (the lowercase "t" for example, could perhaps be mistaken for an "f," so that needed to be changed.)

The initial capital "i" needed more breathing room and weight. I closed the open loop on the "k" ascender for consistency and to support legibility. Also the upswing of the "k"'s out-stroke was unnecessarily flippant (haha!), so I re-drew it as a downward stroke to mark the end of the word more clearly.

In the end we came away with a wordmark that had much more strength, clarity, and readability. 

I love modifying word marks! When you are given some artwork that was created by someone else (in this case a typeface), the needed changes are glaringly obvious very quickly, so it's fun to just dive in and start making changes.



Final piece