Luna Technologies Cannabis Infographic and Iconography

With art direction and project management by Ryan Leverenz of Leverenz & Associates, I worked with Luna Technologies to develop and design a complex explainer infographic, illustrating a multi-step process for cannabis extraction. Luna has pioneered a system of extraction that automates many of the steps of the process, but also results in higher quality end products. Concurrently I developed a system of iconography for each component, product, and step in the process, as well as social media assets. It was a pleasure to be involved in this very interesting and science-oriented project!

This 3-phase, multi-step infographic illustrates the hydrocarbon extraction process using the Luna Tech system and their iO Extractor. Despite the complexity of the process, Luna's system is safer, requires fewer steps, and automates many of the actions, which also results in a greater variety of end products.

Luna Tech Iconography. See the full set of icons here.

Social media slide set: Equipment list. Caption: "Pyrex, Parchment, Diamond Miner, Vac-oven, Filter, Hotplate — these are the basic pieces of equipment needed to aid the iO’s extraction process. Our handy infographic illustrates the simple steps for creating each type of extraction. Download the full infographic as a PDF at the link in our profile."

Social media slide set: "Harvest - Pack - Load - Start." Caption: "Harvest > Pack > Load > Start — that’s all it takes to get to our simple post-processing phase, where automation takes over to produce some of the most lucrative cannabis concentrates in the industry today. Take a peek at our handy infographic, which lays out the steps involved in using our iO Extractor! Go to the link in our profile to download the full infographic as a PDF."

Social media slide set: End Products. Caption: "Want the highest quality true, full-spectrum finished oil? How about shatter, sugar, sauce, diamonds and vape carts? Look no further — our new infographic explains how to get there ! Go to the link in our profile to download the full infographic as a PDF."