Turn! Turn! Turn! neon sign design

Scott at Turn! Turn! Turn! — a bar, music venue, and record shop in Portland, Oregon — asked me to design a neon sign for his window. Rather than use the existing logo, he wanted something fresh. I designed this sign to be a tad fancy but not snooty, with a hint of classic beer label design (beer is Turn!'s specialty). I worked a subtle arc into the lettering and linear elements on the left side, to imply physical rotation of the whole design, as a leaf unfurling. Budget constraints prevented us from using the word in triplicate, so my solution was to underline the word 3 times. This is a window sign in 3-colors: sea crest, clear red (neon), and bright pink. Superb tube-bending by Peter Thanh Cao at Artico Lite.

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The Portland Mercury used a photo of the sign in their recommended event listing for Turn's 5th anniversary 4-night star-studded bash in 2019.