Neon Map + Poster of Portland

This keepsake map and poster of Portland Oregon’s best neon signs was created initially as a souvenir for a one-time event — Electric Letterland: A Walking Tour of Downtown Portland’s Historic Neon Signs — which I organized for TypeCon’s 20th Anniversary conference program. Since I adore all things neon, it made sense for me to try to get type nerds to get on board on the neon train! The walk was a smash hit, and I now lead 6 neon walking tours per year for the general public. So I decided to offer the map as a souvenir for tour attendees, and also for sale as a standalone item.
Electric Letterland is where you can find info about the walking tours. The map is diligently researched and as up-to-date as possible; the poster includes images of signs around town, each marked with corresponding numbers to its listing on the map. It’s a Portland keepsake, and a reminder of Old Portland’s vital, glowing treasures. Poster on one side, and a map of more than 80 great neon signs on the other side. Just the cream of the crop of Portland's gorgeous neon signs.