Nike jersey numerals

In 2014 I worked with Nike to redesign the numerals of a set of sports jersey typefaces for the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations). What was needed were heavier versions of the numbers to meet minimum stroke width specifications set by the association. I redesigned 15 different typefaces, all with solid, outline and in some cases double-outline versions. Because the numbers are printed at different sizes on either side of the jersey (at 4” height on front and 6” height on back typically), I was tasked with designing specifically for each size, while maintaining the minimum stroke width of .75” for each weight. This project was a blast ! My process and my tools got sharper, and I fell in love with numerals. Below are 8 examples of numeral typefaces I redesigned, in solid and outlined form.

Please note: all of these fonts are owned by Nike and are not available for sale. 

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