Olympian neon design

I designed the tubes and cabinet lettering for the top section of this repurposed neon sign. The client, Kelly's Olympian, wanted to match the style of the original sign’s lettering reading “Butler,” a British looking hand-painted shadow block letter. My pleasure! I loved the challenge of recreating this historic letter style and fitting a longer word in the same space without condensing the letters too much. For cabinet neon signs, you are designing two pieces that need to work together as well as separately — the cabinet letters and the tube letters. Tube bending by Mike Heist at Neon Distributors here in Portland. Big thank you to Michael Mintz of Neon Gods who hand-picked me for this work, and sign painter Allen Buden who hand-painted my design on the cabinet. The sign will be inside the new Kelly's Olympian bar in Tacoma later this year.

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