Sublime Frequencies 15th Anniversary limited edition silkscreened poster

Over the years I have designed a plethora of album covers, t-shirts, websites, and other stuff for the legendary record label Sublime Frequencies (including this, my favorite). To celebrate 15 years of the label in 2018, they decided to throw a 3-night party in Paris, for which I was invited to design an exclusive, limited edition, silkscreened poster celebrating the event. I am a huge fan of the label. I wanted very much to celebrate where Sublime began, and to shine a light on the female voices of Southeast Asia, which to my mind makes up some of the best music they have released. The woman pictured on the poster was featured on the cover of one of Sublime's earliest releases, "Princess Nicotine: Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar (Burma)." Also I wanted to be typographically bold, and reflect the experimental, guerilla-style aesthetic of the label, while bringing it into the present with a slightly more refined, directional order. The poster was silkscreened locally in Paris by Arrache-Toi un Oeil. Emy and Gaspard (the silkscreen artists, trés cordiale) did an amazing job printing these! This was a 3-pass job, with 2 separate inks, plus a gradient layer. I love the results! The quality of the gradient they achieved and the vibrancy of the inks on dark paper exceeded my expectations.